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Top 10 spring flowers to see in Beijing

From tulip to lilac, from white to red, selects the top 10 flowers in Beijing to guide you enjoy the charming floral scenery.

Top 10 hot spring resorts in Beijing

Beijing, a city rich in geothermal resources, is a haven for those in search of a relaxing spa to transport them away from the stresses and strains of daily life and work.

Top 10 ski resorts in Beijing

Check out what the nation's capital has to offer in ski resorts for some typical wintertime fun!

Top 10 places to enjoy red leaves

From October to the middle of November, the red leaves in the capital city are more enchanting.

Top 10 buildings on Chang'an Avenue

Chang'an Avenue, a major thoroughfare in China's capital city of Beijing, is an open-air live museum of architecture.

Top 10 places to enjoy art

Whether you love modern art or traditional Chinese art, these following 10 venues offer you the best of their kinds.

Forbidden City's top 10 treasures

Among the over a million rare and valuable works of art in the museum's collection, here are the top 10 treasures you don't want to miss.

Top 10 destinations for mid-autumn day

Want to enjoy the moonlight in a unique and interesting way on Mid-Autumn Festival? provides you the top 10 places to enjoy the amazing full moon in the capital.

Top 10 modern architecture marvels selects the top 10 newly constructed architectural attractions in Beijing, a metropolis where the cityscape is changing with each passing day.

Top 10 romantic hotels

If your want to find an ideal place to celebrate an anniversary or express your love, these 10 hotels are your best choice.

Peking Duck restaurants

Apart from Quanjude, where else can we savor this mouth-watering delicacy in Beijing?

Top 8 water parks in Beijing

Here are the top eight water recreational destinations in Beijing to escape the summer heat.

Top 10 most attractive hutongs

The Hutong, an old-style city alley or lane, is one of the most distinctive features and must-see attractions in Beijing. The followings are the top 10 attractive hutongs in Beijing.

Beijing springtime tours

Spring is coming. It's the time to refresh your body and feel the new energy of nature. Here are 10 places in Beijing to enjoy the warmer temperatures.
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